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    How many times in your life have you sabotaged yourself from moving forward because you thought you didn’t have what it took or because you thought that your circumstances were bigger than you (and so it wasn’t worth giving something a try)?

    We've all retreated into our comfort zones when we doubted ourselves or when we’ve tried something and it didn't pan out the way we expected... but we’ve *also* all experienced situations where we’ve been courageous and taken leaps of faith – and it's paid off greatly.

    The word I want to live by this month (and I invite you to do the same) is *courage*. It will mean moving forward in spite of our doubts, being brave and relentless when it comes to our dreams and goals... and daring to change.

    To help with one of the defining steps toward your blogging goals, I’ve set up the biggest sale of the year today. Take a step of courage in your professional life by reinventing your logo or having a blog design transformation? – see how.

    Here's to April marking the moment your goals lifted off the ground.


    MT Townhouse in Byron Bay
    Fish Out of Water by Tré + Elmaz
    &Tradition by Barbara Kristoffersen



  • Last year came and went and by now you're probably wondering if your efforts in your blogging career are actually paying off (or if it ever will). This might be the crossroads where you could give up... or hit the ground running. There are 9.5 more months until the end of 2019, why not make the most of them? It is never too late to get started on a renewed path towards the dreams you've always had. Trust me.

    To help you on your journey: Feel free to buy all the shop's non-discounted themes plus a copy of my book 35% off for the next 48 hours.

    Here's to us putting our best foot forward and continuing to chase our passion during these fast-paced times.


    Ph. Quincoces-dragò

  • At the end of every project, I'm usually overcome with the need for introspection. Early in my career, I thought it was due to me still being very young (and as every young person is, a little too consumed with myself and my own life). Now that I'm older, I realize it is quite the opposite of that – or at least to me, it is – an endowing endeavor.

    It takes months to turn around a new collection – but strangely enough, it is not the 15-18 hours a day that I put into them that changes me every single time. It's not the weekends spent sitting in my office or the lack of personal time that makes this such a cathartic experience – but rather, it's the process of turning blank pages into something that will help bloggers, even you – to build the business of your dreams, to get excited about blogging again and to dream of one day running your own business and being your own boss.

    Each collection I launch starts with the idea of bettering someone else's life – and that process is an incredibly personal one. It peels layers off my own life and my own dreams as I develop each idea.

    This collection is inspired by the changes my own style and beliefs have undergone over the past 2 years. I wanted to build pro themes that were still mindful and minimal, that could easily set you up for success, something that you could transform and make your own, that could fit anyone’s brand – and not just compliment it, but better it. I truly hope I've achieved that.

    Now, it's time for me to spend a tad bit of time in the sun, exchange the quick plates of toast and hummus for a hearty meal... and let you take your new theme to exciting new places.

    As always, it's been a pleasure to create something for you.

    I hope you enjoy this collection.


    Cover: Caroline Birk, with thanks

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