• Amangiri: A Gem in The Canyons of Utah


    A hotel hidden in plain sight in the vast beauty of Canyon Point, Utah, Amangiri is an award-winning luxury hotel by the  well-known Aman group that co-exists with nature in a quiet-yet-grand way. With rooms starting at $1,000, there’s an unspoken expectation of finding opulence and pompousness. But the only display of anything pretentious comes from nature. The imposing dessert and the grandiose canyon shapes create the perfect atmosphere for both resting and exploring.

    Amangiri falls outside the common descriptions of a hotel. I don’t think it can even be classified as such. It is more a place of rest. Bedrooms are compact and pared down to the essentials – almost promoting minimalism and mindfulness by its simple beauty. A desk, a bed and low couch are all set on a pale-stone platform facing a wall of concertina windows that open up completely to the outside. Bathrooms (my favorite part) are large and sybaritic, with rain showers (sold!), deep soaking tubs and sweeping views of the rock walls.

    In case you were wondering... yes, there’s a beautiful spa, a stunning pool, and meals to remember – but as enticing as that must sound, the hotel is not just a beautiful frame for the outdoors or a zen-like experience. Only at Amangiri do guests have the extraordinary opportunity to explore the majestic dessert in unique ways. Hike through rock formations, experience the sunrise in a hot-air balloon or horseback ride through the wonders of Canyon Point.

    The experience of co-living with nature is what makes traveling from our concrete living to Amangiri. If you’re curious to know what it feels like to stay at a hotel were the indoor and outdoor experience is blurred, this should be your next trip.

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    Ph. Aman Resorts, Giorgio Possenti and Joe Fletcher
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