• This is What a Travel Aficionado’s Apartment Looks Like

    Annabell Kutucu is a renowned Interior Designer and Stylist based in Berlin. She has been styling and decorating private luxury homes for more than 10 years. Since she set up her own business in 2010, with a focus on hospitality and private residences, her style has allowed her to work on several (and may I add: stunning!) hospitality projects, like the renowned Casa Cook Kos, The Scorpio Hotel and Tulum Treehouse in Mexico – among many other noteworthy projects.

    I’ve featured some of her projects before. Her wanderer style is not only eye-catching but very inspiring for those of us who enjoy traveling vicariously through her work.

    In her newest interior design work: "No Ordinary Apartment" - Annabell designs the 300sqm apartment for a travel aficionado and the result is nothing but perfection. The apartment is divided in two, united with a seamless connection through wooden sliding doors. A composition of custom-made interiors, wooden furniture, rough linen and carpets, selected mid-century vintage finds and unique objects complement the subdued walls. The owner’s travel finds have been displayed around the apartment and they bring a beautiful warmth to the otherwise clean slate. Texture is brought in with large wicker baskets, handmade cushions, raw wood and ceramics – and the space is further personalized by the artwork hanging on the wall.


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    My favorite room (as usual, I must confess) is the bathroom. I get the feeling that the owner is transported to a faraway destination by stepping into that extraordinary space. Textured walls, soft natural lighting and a minimalist touch are very much what composes my dream room.

    Simple living and leisure are words I'd use to describe this place. A celebration of the modern Bohemian, a tactile experience and laid-back luxury, maybe? However we describe this place, the images above speak louder of the mastery and spirit of both the owner and the designer.

    What's your favorite spot in this apartment? Leave your answer below.

    Ph. Claus Brechenmache

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