• 07/29

    So, turns out you're not a fan of maximalism and you're also not happy with the inflexible white and black minimalist aesthetics. Well, perhaps this Danish home designed by the one and only Norm Architects will tickle your fancy? — I think yes and hear me out.

    The Vigi House, which is a reformed 60's home, sits on a sloping plot in Virum with high ceilings, light tunnels and open spaces. This home was intended blend in with it's natural surroundings and be a comfortable-minimal family home for its owners and that it does.

    I don't know about you but one of my (maybe unhealthy) stress comping mechanisms is to vicariously pack my bags and move into wonderful houses like this one, were it looks peaceful, not stifling and quite — then I'm snapped back into reality by my neighbours drilling the walls for the 4th time this week and I thank the technology gods for the Internet.

    Although we can only enjoy the Vigi House vicariously we need to admit, it's quiet perfectly planned for a family sanctuary. As always, Norm Architects delivers pure architectural goodness.

    © Norm Architects
  • 11/28

    Photography © Norm Architects The Kinfolk Gallery and office space is a collaborative space between Norm Architects and the team at Kinfolk — A space where friends and partners can come together to share ideas and showcase their work and an office space that has an informal, elegant and homey atmosphere. The space is located in Copenhagen, Denmark and it visually represents Kinfolk's philosophy: slow living. As usual these two brilliant studios display impressive quality, attention to detail and uniqueness.
  • 10/25

    The sphere is a fascinating form. Consider the Earth, our eyes and the perfect pearl. Or symbolic spheres, like our circle of friends and family. Even the womb, where we first experienced a close sense of contact. On a philosophical level, many have questioned the sphere and its significance. Dating back to Plato, the origins of humans were described in mythical terms as spherical entities, with men as descendants from the sun, women from the earth and the third sex from the moon. In Greek Mythology, Zeus is said to have split each of them in two, creating an urge in all of us to find our other half for a sense of wholeness.

    Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen

    Close Contact is a photography exhibition that resulted from the fabulous collaboration between Kinfolk the genius Norm Architects and Sørensen Leather. The exhibition hosts ten limited-edition photographs–and the majestic leather spheres used in the making of each image.

    The images highlight the contrasts and the connections between geometrics and anthropomorphic shapes–the human form–making a connection between the leather and human skin.

    Leather, a universally used material–transformed into a sphere–poignantly delivers the message that we humans are connected.

    The exhibition is displayed in a highly subdued and tactile way–very characteristic of the elegance of all three of the collaborators. The immaculate taste of Norm Architects is indisputable; Architecture, design or photography–they do it all... and they do it well.

    All works are for sale and the exhibit is open to the public Monday to Friday from 10:00-16:00 until October 31st at Amagertorv 14, first floor. For more details you are welcome to contact press@kinfolk.com.
  • 01/15

    Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen

    An hour north of Oslo, located on a majestic hillside facing the Norwegian woods and Mjøsa lake, lies the Gjøvik house; a modern and minimal cluster house created by Norm Architects.

    The house is built from 6 cubes, overlapping each other in plan and section. The Gjøvik House shows exactly what Norm Architects’ foundation of elegance and minimalism is about—bringing in a sense of minimalism and warmness at the same time by connecting every room seamlessly and allowing each room privacy and character.

    This carefully-planned project resulted in the stunning modern communion of man and nature.

    Most pieces in this home are built-in / custom made. That, combined with their choice of concrete, texture and materials, creates a feel of calmness and belonging throughout the space. Not to mention the lake-fronting facade blends in with the interiors, making this one more masterpiece in the pocket of lead architect, Linda Korndal.
  • 08/24

    Photography © Norm

    Nærvær is Copenhagen’s new wine bar and restaurant, located on the breathtaking water front framed by the city lights of Krøyers Plads. The restaurant has become a perfect gathering spot for local residents and for the many from outer lands now flocking to see it.

    The restaurant is about presence. The word Nærvær in fact means “Presence”. Isn’t that what we all long for in such busy times—to be present, closer, to be mindful and surrounded by the things that bring us more meaningful experiences?
    The team behind the interior design is no other than Norm Architects—an obvious personal favorite. If you’ve been around here for a while you might already know that.

    Norm gives Nærvær a feeling, a presence and closeness with an array of all natural stone, rich wall colors, wood, tactile upholstery and metal materials. The personal and warming space overlooks the water and has the city lights as its backdrop, making this space that much more of an experience than a mere place of meeting.

    The bar is laid-back and personal, filled with small niches where people can have an intimate chat or freely walk around the place with a glass of wine in hand.

    This thoughtful project is without a doubt one to write home about. The experience starts from their carefully crafted and unique ceramics, made by the one and only Maj-Brit Würtz.—A stunning collection, that is.

    Chef Yves Le Lay is at the helm of the gourmet restaurant. He has developed a personal style and signature with strong roots in the classic French cuisine, but with simplicity and freshness from the Nordic kitchen. Always based on the absolute best ingredients, prepared and processed with high technical precision and playful curiosity for new tastes and textures.

    That all said, I am sure visiting them will satisfy your curiosity. How about paying them a visit next time you are in Copehangen?
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