• 07/11

    Keeping with the color theme of late … remember when I wrote about timeless-affable beige and explained how I love it paired with earthy colors and raw textures? Well, let me tell you that while I do love the combination—and I mostly think they go perfectly well together because I love nature and all it has to offer—beige with touches of black might just be my favorite combination for now (right this very second). I know I've already told you about how lovely beige is — but really, isn't it so elegant-yet-not-stuffy coupled with with a hint of black? I think so.

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  • 07/09

    As a human being who's lived on this blue marble for over 35 years, I've long been obsessed with the color blue. You should see the number of skyline and seascape images stored on my camera roll. On second thought... maybe you shouldn't. But trust me, there are way too many. Yet, I happen to be very particular when it comes to man-made hues of blue – gravitating towards either soft muted blues or very rich cobalt blues, like the ones above.

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  • 07/07

    A slightly random selection for you this week (although is anything ever really random?). I don't mean to get overly philosophical about the simple act of curating a couple of images... but don't you ever get so drawn into a photo that you think to yourself "Oh wow!"… well, that's how I often feel while scrolling through Pinterest. You work your thumb, looking at hundreds of images which are beautiful in their own right – but then suddenly you come across one, which for no apparent reason, arrests your attention like no other.

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